7 Awesome Reasons to visit Rome in the Fall


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Rome is one of the most fascinating cities to visit any time of the year, however the fall months have their own benefits and charms and you should not miss a visit to Rome during the autumn months.

In this post we present you with :

7 Awesome Reasons to visit Rome in the Fall


1  Less crowds after the busy summer season

It’s not a surprise that the summer months are the most crowded in Rome with travelers and cruisers who take advantage of the long summer days and their much anticipated annual summer vacations.

Rome is particularly crowded in the summer, especially at or near the main attractions such as the Colosseum and the Vatican. Ticket lines and security checkpoints can man hours of standing in lines (often under the scorching summer sun).

With kids back in school and summer vacations over, In the fall the tourism declines just enough to make visiting Rome more enjoyable without the massive crowds. You can expect shorter security lines at monuments, less crowded museums and squares, and even shorter lines at gelato shops and wait times at restaurants.


2 Better airline and hotel rates

With less traveler demand comes lower prices on airline tickets and hotels, sweetening your fall trip to Rome. 

Fall is considered “shoulder season” with rates not as high as the summer months, and not as low as during the winter which is considered low season.  You can enjoy the benefits that fall has to offer in Rome at better rates.


3 Cooler temperatures during the day for more enjoyable sightseeing

One of the challenges of visiting Rome in the summer aside from crowds, is enduring the hot summer temperatures that can rise upward 90’s in July making sightseeing on foot more of a challenge.

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In the fall, days are still warm enough to be enjoyed, but cool enough to make them pleasant. You won’t feel nearly as hot, exhausted, thirsty or sweaty touring Rome by foot in the fall as you would in the summer. The strong summer sun is no longer baking your head and burning yours skin.

September daytime temperature averages anywhere between 72-85….. October averages about upper 60’s to low 70’s…. And November averages to about mid 50’s to low 60’s.

4 Evenings are still warm enough to enjoy Rome at night

One of the joys of visiting Rome is enjoying the night atmosphere: enjoying relaxing dinner at an out restaurant, have an evening stroll through the quaint streets of the historic center, or sightseeing the monuments and squares beautifully light at night.

While fall months get progressively cooler at night, in September you can still enjoy evening and night temperatures in the 60’s and in October in the 50’s.

By visiting Rome in the fall you don’t have to sacrifice your evening out, just be sure to bring sufficient articles of clothing to adjust for the cooler temperatures.


5  Wine harvests in Tuscany make day trips to Tuscany from Rome even more fun



Wine and Olive Harvest- Visit Italy in the Fall with RomeCabs


September and October are grape harvest months in Italy known as “vendemmia” in Italian.  There is no exact date as the time frame varies from year to year depending on variables in weather and rainfall which determines when the grapes have achieved the prime level of sweetness.

This harvest period is one of the most exciting times to be in Tuscany – especially in Tuscany’s “wine country” known as Chianti. Depending on when you visit Italy, you can observe the wineries in action as grape pickers handpick the grape berries and transport them to to the winery where the winemaking process beings.


Stefano Rome Tours offers two exciting tours to Chianti region that’s ideal to visit in the fall:







6  Enjoy Autumn Flavors


Campo dei Fiori Market

Campo dei Fiori Market


Italians enjoy their fresh and seasonal produce and even dedicate festivals known as “sagre” to celebrate certain harvests that take place either in the summer or fall.

You will find local markets, outdoor farmers’ markets, and restaurants that very often feature seasonal fruits and vegetables enjoyed in the fall: chestnuts, mushrooms, truffles, newly pressed olive oil, figs,  and other delicacies.

One lovely market in Rome not to miss is the daily market in Campo dei Fiori. If you are renting an apartment in Rome and plan to cook many of your meals, a trip to the market in Campo dei Fiori is a must.  Also in the square you will find one of Rome’s best bakeries and butcher shops to help you complete your fall Italian meal.


7  Food and wine festivals

Food and wine festivals are abundant in Italy (not a surprise as Italians love their food and wine!).

During various summer and fall harvest times, many towns and villages in Italy host food festivals celebrating food, wine, and tradition. From summertime strawberry festival in the village of Nemi in the Alban hills, to autumn truffle festivals in the countryside, there’s often many opportunities to experience Italy’s culinary and cultural traditions.

Chestnuts are the most celebrated in the fall with many “chestnut festivals” to be found across many towns and villages that dot the Italian countryside.  And it’s not just  about festivals, you will likely find medieval markets, local and homemade food stands, historical reenactments, music, and enough wine to make everyone merry.

Many such towns are within driving distance from Rome making for ideal opportunities to experience more of Italy’s autumn flavors, fun and traditions during your holiday in Italy.

Click HERE for festivals near Rome


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