What to see from Civitavecchia other than Rome?


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Civitavecchia is considered the “Port of Rome“, and it has been since the Ancient Roman times when it was built by Emperor Trajan as a harbor.  Even today, 2000 years later, a stop in Civitavecchia  is synonymous to a shore excursion to Rome.  

But what if you’ve already been to Rome before?

Many cruisers who cruise the Mediterranean and have been to Rome either on previous cruises or on a holiday stay in Italy ask us:


What to see from Civitavecchia other than Rome?

If your cruise ship will be docking in Civitavecchia Cruise Port on our cruise, and if you’re among the many who have already been to Rome and would like to experience something different, we have some wonderful suggestions for shore excursions from Civitavecchia to places other than Rome.

For tour destinations closest to Civitavecchia for less driving time and more sightseeing time, we suggest the following 2  tours offered by RomeCabs or by our sister company Stefano Rome Tours.





The rustic Roman countryside a historically and aesthetically distinctive region in central Italy with history that dates back to the pre-Roman civilization known as the Etruscans.

In fact, this entire region was once known as “Etruria”, the land of one of the world’s most advanced and mysterious ancient civilizations that you will learn more about on your countryside tours.

The Countryside Splendor Shore Excursion with Stefano’s RomeCabs will take to Bracciano, one of the medieval villages that dot the shores of the large pristine volcanic Lake Bracciano.  

Bracciano is quite popular for its famous 15th century Renaissance Bracciano Castle (formally named Castello Orsini-Odescalchi) that overlooks the lake. Be sure not to miss the breathtaking vista that can be enjoyed from the top of the castle on your visit through the magnificent estate’s opulent rooms with original Renaissance era furnishings, paintings, and frescoes, and the castle grounds.

A stop in the Medieval clifftop hamlet of Ceri for lunch in one of the local family owned restaurants has been a delightful surprise for many of our clients because they felt they’ve just stepped back in time 1,000 years!

Counryside Splendor Shore Excursion with Stefano's RomeCabs

Medieval Hamlet of Ceri – Countryside Splendor tour with RomeCabs


After a delicious relaxing lunch, adventure waits in Cerveteri when you arrive at the Banditaccia Etruscan Necropolis for a once in a lifetime opportunity to explore ancient tombs that date as far back as 9th century BC to 3rd century BC when the Etruscans were conquered by the Romans.  

The most characteristic tombs are shaped in circular hut-like mounds carved from the living tuffa rock, and also “dice” shaped tombs lined up like modern city neighborhoods with streets for processions, and squares for funeral gatherings.  

 So get in touch with your inner Indiana Jones as you explore (not raid) the ancient Etruscan tombs in Cerveteri.





The Etruscans, their history, their advance skills in engineering and goldsmithery, and the mystery that surrounds them have captivated so many people who just can’t get enough of the Etruscans!

Many of our clients who enjoyed their visit to Cerveteri Etruscan Necropolis have also requested the very popular Etruscan Mystery Tour offered by our sister company Stefano Rome Tours.

This time your Etruscan adventure will take you to Tarquinia and underground as you visit the roughly dozen or so tombs that are open at a time (they tombs are rotated for visits to preserve them) to witness one of the most beautiful works of art in human history:  the Etruscan frescoes inside the walls of the underground tombs of the Monterozzi Necropolis.

These vibrant and beautifully crafted frescoes that are more than 2,000 years old portray the everyday life of the Etruscans as they celebrated life and death.  

There are no other tombs like this in the world, and both Cerveteri and Tarquinia Necropolis are UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

The nearby medieval town of Tuscania (not to be confused with Tuscany, the region in the north of here) also boasts a distant history of about 3,000 years as a former Etruscan establishment and one of the most significant crossroads of Etruria.

Tuscania, Etruscan Mystery Tour with Stefano Rome Tours


Tuscania’s and its picturesque surrounding was also regarded as “The most beautiful view in Italy: the Etruscan valley of Tuscania” by English poet D.H. Lawrence.

Just outside the town walls are 2 amazing 12th century imposing churches built upon previous Etruscan temples: San Pietro and Santa Maria Maggiore that are shrouded in legends, pagan mythologies, and mysteries.


San Pietro Church in Tuscania, on Etruscan Mystery Tour with Stefano Rome tours

San Pietro Church in Tuscania – Etruscan Mystery Tour with Stefano Rome Tours


We hope this 2 shore excursions from Civitavecchia to the Roman countryside pique your curiosity and interest in the beauty and history of this fascinating region.

Thank you very much for choosing Rome Cabs and Stefano Rome Tours for your Day Tours and Shore Excursions in Italy.

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We look forward to showing you Italy!

The RomeCabs Team



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