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We strive to provide visitors of Rome with quality and reliable Airport Transfers, Civitavecchia Transfers, Day Tours and Shore Excursions from Civitavecchia, Livorno and Naples.

This article is dedicated to offering helpful advice and answer many common questions our clients have, such as:

When is the best time to book your Fiumicino Airport Transfers to/from Rome?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions and it’s a very important because securing your  transportation to and from Fiumicino Airport can make or break the start and end of your vacation in Italy.

Here are some guidelines to follow when booking your Airport Transfers with Stefano’s RomeCabs, or with any other company during your travels in Europe or elsewhere abroad:

1  Book your Airport Transfers as soon as you’ve secured your flights and hotels as these are required information to have when booking airport transfers.


Rome Cabs Transfers Booking Page

RomeCabs Official Airport Transfer Booking Page on


2. Do not book your Airport Transfers before you’ve secured your flight and hotels.  


Sometimes eager travelers want to book their transfers as quickly as possible but have not yet secured their hotels or flights and leave this option open as “To Be Determined”.  

Often times, travelers forget to contact the transfer company to update their reservation and the drivers are not able to provide accurate service with incomplete information.

Last minute contact many not be possible while you are traveling and unable to reply to emails or answer your phone, so it’s best not to leave this important information out of your transfer reservation.


3  Book ALL your transfers together before your trip in order to secure all your transfer needs in advance.  

Savvy and cautions travelers book all their transfers in advance not only to have the peace of mind of not worrying about making these important arrangements during their vacation, but also to secure all their services together because they understand that availability is not always possible or guaranteed last minute.


4 Do not wait until last minute to book your Airport Transfers

Some travelers either because they enjoy short term planning, prefer to decide what to do as they go, or they want to try out the company first before committing to additional transfers, wait until relatively last minute to book their return transfers and find themselves unable to secure the needed service due to lack of availability.

By booking last minute you may also not be able to secure a driver at the time you need the service, or a suitable size vehicle for your party size.

The most reliable transfer companies in Rome such as Stefano’s RomeCabs also accepts only advance reservations for obvious reasons:  providing reliable service takes time to confirm for accuracy, properly schedule the transfers for timely service, and allow the drivers advance planning of their transfer routes.

Rome is also very busy especially on days when cruise ships dock at Civitavecchia, when there are special events that require large volume of car services, on certain holidays that bring additional visitors to Rome, and of course the usual unpredictable influx of tourists.  If your last minute departure transfer falls on days that are heavily booked with cruisers and local events, you may not find availability on your date and time.

5  Book your transfers only through the company website or email the company for information on how to book online.  

Booking online through a company’s booking system is the best means to secure your reservation and ensure it doesn’t “get lost” if emails on either end can accidentally go to spam or unintentionally deleted.

Do NOT book important transfers by phone.

When booking by phone you do not have any physical records of your reservations to refer to and information can sometimes be misunderstood over the phone – especially with less than clear international phone lines and different languages and dialects being spoken that can cause simple words to be misunderstood and service provided inaccurately.  

By booking online with Stefano’s RomeCabs you will be provided all the important information necessary to prepare you for your transfer and to feel confident you will be taken care of, such as the helpful  video:





7  Double check the details of your Airport Transfer reservations for accuracy


Some of the most common mistakes when booking an airport transfer to watch out for are:

Book the correct Date of Arrival at the airport in Rome.

Some travelers incorrectly book their airport pick up on the date they are leaving their country. Check and recheck your airline tickets for your date and time arriving at your FINAL destination.

If you are leaving from the American continent (United States, Canada, or South America), you would arrive in Rome the following day.

Book your correct Flight Number arriving in Rome

Check your airline tickets for the Flight Number you will arrive on in Rome,. It very important to double check, especially when making multiple connections on your way to Rome and the different flights can become confusing.

For Departure Transfers To Fiumicino Airport, include your flight’s departure Terminal Number as many airlines depart from multiple terminals.

You can check your Departure Terminals here:  or

Be specific if your flight arrives in the AM or PM.

If your flight arrives at Noon time, it’s 12:00 PM

If your flight arrives at Midnight, it’s 12:00 AM

Include a Telephone Number to contact you either at home or on your international phone.

Contacting our clients by phone is important when our emails bounce back or our email correspondence is not answered, or if we need to reach you with urgent information when email may not be the quickest option to reach you.

Savvy travelers bring with them an international cell phone which is extremely helpful when traveling abroad.


 7. Inform the transfer company of any changes in your arrival flight or time

If your flight arrival or Flight Number changes, be sure to inform the company as soon as possible so they can make arrangements for you as needed.

It is very important that you driver has your correct flight arrival information in Rome in order to track your flight for Terminal Number Arrivals, and for any potential delays.

Without your accurate Flight Number arriving at Fiumicino Airport, your driver will not know which terminal to meet you at, and the exact time of your arrival.


8. Keep your Reservation Number, Reservation Details, and Company Contact Number with you when you are traveling.

You can either print a copy of your reservation confirmation email that contains all the important information about  your transfers, or save the information on your smart device to have handy.

This is very important so you are able to contact the company in case of flight changes during your travels, delays at the airport, or unable to spot your driver.


9. Contact the company if you experience any delays at the airport.

Delays in customs or baggage claims can happen, so it’s very important to contact the company if you experience any delays at the airport so they can assist you.

By failing to contact the company they would not be able to assist you and ensure you will have a driver to meet you at a time later than you booked.  Wait time varies from company to company, and if clients fail to contact the company to inform them of delays, the driver may eventually be released from duty due to Client No Show.

If you do not have a working cell phone in Italy, you can use public pay phones available throughout the airport, or ask for assistance at the help desks (especially for luggage lost or delayed).

Failure to contact your transfer company can result in not having a driver to meet you when you eventually exit into the main waiting hall.


10.  Be sure you leave with the correct driver – your official Stefano’s RomeCabs Driver!

You’ve made it this far,  so be sure to follow one last important step: make sure you are leaving with the correct driver!

With tens of thousands of travelers arriving at the airport each day, it is possible to have more than 1 passenger with the same or similar names have drivers waiting for them.  Don’t just assume that when you see your name or similar name to yours that he or she is your driver, please double check that they KNOW and HAVE your transfer details.

Our Stefano’s RomeCabs Driver have all their clients reservation information with them.  If you meet a driver or are approached by someone claiming to be your driver and they do NOT have the details of your reservations, they are NOT your driver.

There are also many imposter copycat “companies” that copy the names of legitimate companies to confuse travelers.

Don’t just go to a driver who is holding a sign with the company name you booked with, or a similar name to it…it may be a scam.

Don’t accept transfers from tours that approach travelers as asking them if they need a driver…. They may be illegal and you would place your safety at risk leaving with an unknown person.

Go to the designated meeting point explained in your Confirmation Email, and when you see a driver holding a sign with your name confirm the driver has your complete transfer information and they already have your drop off destination and price in advance.

Your Stefan’s RomeCabs driver does NOT need to be told where to go, he or she already knows by your confirmed reservation.


RomeCabs Fiumicino Airport Meeting Points at Terminals1 and 3

Fiumicino Airport Meeting Points at Terminals1 and 3 – RomeCabs


To book your transfers with Stefano’s RomeCabs, select from the following and click to arrive to the designated transfer page for complete information, price list, and option to book online.

You can also visit our official website at







Click to READ: How To Book Your Rome Cabs Transfer

Click to WATCH VideoHow To Book Your RomeCabs Transfer


We’d like to invite you to also visit our sister company Stefano Rome Tours for more exciting Tours and Shore Excursions in and around Rome:


Thank you very much for booking with Stefano’s Rome Cabs, we look forward to welcome you to Rome!

The RomeCabs Team


RomeCabs Transfers and Tours

RomeCabs Transfers and Tours


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