Civitavecchia Shared Transfers: The way YOU want them!


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Over the many years we have been in the transfer and tour business in Italy, we have provided private transfers between Civitavecchia Cruise Port and Rome (and Rome’s Airports) to tens of thousands of happy cruisers. Our clients have relied on us to provide them with dependable,  timely, and flexible service they expect when reserving private transfer services.

However, once in a while our clients have expressed interest in sharing their Civitavecchia Transfers, but they don’t want to deal with the usual problems of general public shuttle services they’ve experienced before, such as:

~ No fixed pick up time of your choice

~ Not prior knowledge of the total number of people in the van

~ No idea how many stops the driver will make when picking up and dropping off the other ~ passengers making it impossible to predict the length of the journey

~ Anxiety of not knowing if the driver will wait for you if you are experiencing unforeseen delays

~ Not knowing if you will have waste time waiting for other passengers to arrive

~ Being packed with complete strangers inside a vehicle can be discomforting for some

~ Inflexibility if needing to adjust scheduled pickup times to your choosing.

With so many unknowns, many people are not willing to sacrifice convenience, flexibility, predictability, reliability, and efficiency to save some money.


What would a PERFECT Shared Transfer be like for you?

Civitavecchia Shared Transfers: The way YOU want them!


Civitavecchia Pier Rome Cabs Transfers

Stefano’s RomeCabs will Pick up up and Drop you off on the Pier next to your ship


Did you ever think:   Wouldn’t it be great if I could book a shared transfer and:

* I can select the time to be picked up at?

* I can choose how many other people I want to share my van with?

* I can decide how many different pick ups or drop offs I’m comfortable with?

* I know in advance about how long the journey will be so I can book accordingly?

* I am in charge of making changes to my shared transfer?


The great news is that this is not only possible, but thousands of our clients have organized their own private shared Civitavecchia Transfers for an enjoyable, customizable, money saving, efficient, predictable and reliable experience with fellow cruise mates they got to know in advance.



They created their own private shared transfers where they were in complete control of their reservation, chose the pick up time of the first party, decided who would join their transfer, the total number of passengers for comfort and luggage space inside the vehicle and number of different hotel stops to minimize extensive time in transit.   

This made their transfer predictable, affordable, and flexible.

It’s easy: Join Cruise Critic.

Many cruisers have joined Cruise Critic for helpful cruising information and advice from fellow cruisers. But you can also use this fabulous site to create your own private shared transfers (and even shore excursions if you wish!)


Place an Ad on Cruise Critic Roll Call

Invited other ship mates to share their transfers if they also require similar services.

Here is the link to Cruise Critic Roll Call:


The best shared transfers are:

*  Rome Accommodation to Civitavecchia Cruise Port

*  Civitavecchia Cruise Port to Rome Accommodation

*  Civitavecchia Cruise Port to Fiumicino Airport


We DO NOT recommend organizing shared transfers starting from the airport as there can be so many unpredictable and unexpected issues such as various airline delays, some members of the group may miss their flights, some may lose their luggage, and any of these situations occurring would make such a transfer very difficult to share.


We also recommend up to 6 passengers for space and comfort.

Vehicles can accommodate up to 8 passengers, and up to 8 suitcases and up to 8 carry ons. By maxing out the passengers, you limit the luggage flexibility in case members in your group bring extra luggage, and sacrifice personal space inside the vehicle.

For hotel pick ups and/or drop offs, it’s important for all members in the group to stay at hotels in the same city (such as Fiumicino) or historic center (such as in Rome) to avoid extra driving time and increased costs associated with multiple pickups at greater distances apart.

If not sure, contact us and we will be happy to provide additional information on hotel stays for shared transfers.

After obtaining a final price quote for your group and required number of hotel stops, book your transfer(s) online via our website and include the other members’ Lead Name and E-Mail Address so everyone in your party can be reached with important transfer information along with their respective Hotel Name and Address in your reservation.


THAT’S IT!!!  SO EASY, and your private shared Civitavecchia Port Transfer will be convenient, comfortable, and cost effective – with YOU in control!


Wish to also book a SHARED TOUR from Civitavecchia, Livorno, or Naples?

Find out how:




Share your Shore Excursions in Italy with friends and SAVE!


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Thank you very much and let us know how we can be of further assistance.  Visit our website for our transfer and tour offerings, and send us an email with your requests.

We look forward to seeing you soon in Italy!

Kind Regards,

Stefano’s RomeCabs Team

“Civitavecchia Shared Transfers: The way YOU want them!”


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