10 Things you need to know when visiting Rome in AUGUST!


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Our goal is to make your trip to Italy one of the most memorable experiences of your life – even in the hot month of August!

August sees a dip in tourism in Italy from travelers outside of Europe… ironically, it is also when local tourist peaks since Italians and Europeans in general take their annual month long holiday in August.

Depending on where in Italy you plan to go, you will either find a zoo (where the local tourists flock to – usually the beaches or the mountains)…. or a ghost town (usually the large cities the locals are fleeing from).

However, if you plan to visit Rome during the month of August, this blog post can help you.


10 Things you need to know when visiting Rome in AUGUST!


1  It is very hot out in August!

Be prepared for hot sunny days where you can feel baking under the broiling sun.  

Be sure to bring with you a sun hat, sun umbrella, sun glasses, sunblock, wear light colored natural fiber clothes that breathe, and stay hydrated!  

Leave the flip flops home and wear sturdy sandals or footwear because the cobblestones and uneven pavement can wreak havoc on your feet.

Refreshing Fountain in Rome

Refreshing Fountain in Rome – by RomeCabs


2  Plan your touring activities to avoid intense heat.

Organize your sightseeing to visit the HOTTEST places first thing in the morning when the temperature is still cool.

Here are some useful tips on touring Rome on hot summer days that also apply to August!



3  Many Romans go on a month long holiday in August.  

The summer holiday also coincides with Ferragosto (from Roman term “Feriae Augusti” – Festivals of Emperor Augustus) , a public holiday in August 15 that also coincides with the Catholic feast of the Assumption of Mary.  The Feriae Augusti were introduced by Emperor Augustus in 18 BC as an additional previous Roman festivals that occurred in the same month that celebrated the end of a long and laborious harvest. The festivals in August provided a longer period of rest following  the summer of hard agricultural labor.

This tradition continued into modern times, making August the traditional month when Italians (and Europeans usually), take their summer vacations.

Although the historic center is still busy with tourists and locals who still have to work in the tourism sector (hotels, restaurants, cafes, markets, shops, pharmacies, etc…) you will notice less traffic and locals than usual.


4  Not EVERYTHING shuts down in Rome in August.

One of the common misconceptions is that everything shuts down in Rome in August and you’ll have nowhere to eat or stay. Couldn’t be farther from the truth.
While restaurants, shops, pharmacies, cafes, and other businesses may take a month long holiday, or even 2 weeks, the vast majority of business in the historic center will still be open for business.

Most of the businesses that close in August are those located in residential areas and neighborhoods. Since many of the locals that the businesses rely on are away on holiday, it doesn’t make sense for them to stay open with very few patrons. (Another reason to stay in the historic center in August)


5  Public transportation slows down in August as well.

With many Romans on their usual month long holiday, the demand for public transportation largely used for commuters slows down. You will find that buses and metros run fewer in between.

Many (if not most) buses and metros are not  air conditioned…which is not very comfortable in the hot summer months.




6  In August, it is best to book accommodations in the center.  

Stay close to the sites you wish to spend most of the time at to avoid relying on public transportation or too much walking (afterall, it’s HOT out!).   By booking a B&B or a rental apartment too far from the historic center or in local neighborhoods, you also risk having the usual neighborhood businesses closed for holiday making you feel like you’re in a ghost town.


7  You can still catch the last of the Summer Sales!

If you visit Rome in early August, you can still find some good deals from the summer sales that start the first week of July.  There may be less choices available after a month long sale, but you will find steeper discounts as the % OFF gets bigger.



Summer Sale in Rome


8 Plan your transportation wisely.

If you need transfers between Rome and the Airport, or between Rome and Civitavecchia Cruise Port, plan ahead and simplify your travels by booking a private car service for a swift, convenient and air conditioned transportation wherever you need to go.   

With slow and unpredictable public transportation, taxis that are not always reliable, and very hot weather,  trying to make your way to/from Fiumicino Airport or Civtavecchia Port on trains, metros and buses can be a very unpleasant and challenging experience that can make or break your vacation.

Stefano’s RomeCabs provided both Airport and Civitavecchia Transfers for a safe, comfortable, convenient, and affordable transfer option.

 9  Hot summer days are great to enjoy cool refreshing treats.

Find out here how to treat your taste buds and stay cool at the same time!



Delicious ways to stay COOL in August in Rome

Delicious ways to stay COOL in August in Rome


10 Visit some cool places in the hot August days.

When not touring the hot Colosseum, Roman Forum, and Vatican, try THESE amazing places that are both amazingly cool AND temperature cool!

Rome has nearly 1,000 churches, with hundreds continuously open. With thick stone walls and floors, and dim lighting, these magnificent churches are also nice and cool inside making them a perfect respite from the hot outdoors.

Some churches also have amazing underground sites that you can explore for a fascinating trip through the distant eras of Rome.


San Clemente Collage





San Giovanni e Paolo Basilica and Roman Houses of Celio



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