Roman Houses / Case Romane del Celio


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Our sister company Stefano Rome Tours has launched a special tour:  POSTCARD ROME TOUR FOR CRUISERS that features a magnificent yet relatively unknown site in Rome that you are sure to enjoy:

 Roman Houses  / Case Romane del Celio


The complete description of this ancient site is available on the Stefano Rome Tours Travel Blog, but in this photo blog we will focus on the visual aspects of this magnificent ancient place so you can see WHY Case Romane should be on your Must See List of places in Rome




Case Romane del Celio – Room of the Geniuses


As you enter the Roman Houses from the ticket office you will step into the Room of the Geniuses. “Geni” are Roman mythological spiritual guides that are believed to be present in every living being and objects).

The upper walls are beautifully decorated with two bands of frescoes of youthful winged nude figures that more than likely represent geniuses, garlands made of summertime flowers and fruit. Above, undulating grape vines circle around cupids and exotic birds.




Case Romane del Celio – Room of the Faux Marble


The Room of the Faux Marble is remarkable as well as it shows human creativity in reproducing fine marble by hand when the real marble is not possible.

Marble – especially intricate patterns and images (opus sectile) has been imitated since the Roman times and even in modern times.  

Inlaid marble opus sectile has always been very laborious and expensive, so the painted version has been used whenever possible instead.




Case Romane del Celio – Room of the Orant


Possibly the most ornate room is the vaulted Room of the Orant. An orant is a Worshipper, and the name of the room is based on the subject painted on the wall.

On the upper part of the wall, 4th century frescoes depict figures of philosophers, theatrical  mask, fantastical monsters, and common sheep and goats.

On the lower part of the wall, acanthus leaves and faux alabaster opus sectile have also been beautifully preserved.



Case Romane del Celio - The Oratory

Case Romane del Celio – The Oratory


A small chapel (a confessio) was built in the 4th century within a niche  where visiting pilgrims were able to come and pray before the painted Christian scenes.



Case Romane del Celio / Roman Houses


The Nymphaeum of Proserpina was originally an interior open air courtyard that separated the commercial buildings from the residential homes. Fountains, niches, frescoes and mosaics have been well preserved and are quite striking!

The large late 3rd century AD fresco painted on the upper part of the wall represents a mythological scenes at sea.  The original floor was made of multi colored marble pieces.  



Case Romane Antiquarium


Your visit will conclude with a stop in the Antiquarium. Located right below the Chapel of Saint Paul of the Cross, it takes the shape of a Greek cross.

Here you will find a myriad of ancient Roman and Medieval objects excavated between 1887  and 1936.


Before you leave, be sure to also visit the Basilica of Saints John and Paul above. It has an elegant interior reminiscent of a early 20th century ballroom with low hanging glass chandeliers. It’s a popular church for weddings.



Basilica of Saints John and Paul


For more information on Stefano Rome Tours’ POSTCARD ROME TOUR FOR CRUISERS that includes a visit to the Roman Houses, please CLICK HERE.


Visitor Information on Case Romane:


10 AM – 1:00 PM then 3:00 PM – 6:00 PM

Closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.


Adult ticket price: 8 Euros per person

Children 12-18 years old: 6 Euros per person

Children up to 12 years old accompanied by adult: Free


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Stefano's RomeCabs

Stefano’s RomeCabs



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