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Buon giorno and welcome to Stefano’s RomeCabs Transfers and Tours in Italy Travel Blog.


RomeCabs has been providing quality, reliable, and affordable Airport and Civitavecchia Transfers in Rome for more than 12 years and to tens of thousands of visitors traveling to Rome by plane or cruise ship.

Why book your Rome Airport Transfers with RomeCabs?


RomeCabs is a Long Term Trusted Company for Transfers and Tours

Stefano’s RomeCabs has long standing reputation as a trusted company for continued quality and reliable service.  

Many repeat clients comment that while some companies waver from their initial good performance, RomeCabs have continuously kept our “Customer First” policy strong and enduring.


RomeCabs is Hghly Recommended by Trusted Sources and Previous Clients

Stefano’s RomeCabs has been recommended on many reputable travel forums where travelers and cruisers go for helpful advice, as well as on travel blogs world wide.




Honesty is the best policy at RomeCabs

RomeCabs does not make promises we cannot keep – honesty is the best policy.

Many companies make lofty promises to lure business and then under deliver on those promises.

 Our website at  is rich in information outlining everything our clients can come to expect when booking their Airport Transfers or Civitavecchia Transfers with us. We do not make promises we cannot keep, we do not engage in false advertising.

When booking with Stefano’s RomeCabs, you know in advance what we can and cannot provide because honesty is the best policy.


We help our clients be informed and prepared for their Airport Transfers

Stefano’s RomeCabs strives to inform and prepare our clients in advance prior to their transfers to relieve worries about where to meet their drivers at the Airport, Cruise Port, or hotels.  

Our informative video HOW TO MEET YOUR ROMECABS DRIVER AT FCO AIRPORT has been praised by our clients for helping them prepare visually in advance of their trip and know what to expect when arriving at Fiumicino Airport to meet their RomeCabs driver.





English Speaking Office Staff makes Contacting RomeCabs Easy and Efficient

Stefano’s RomeCabs has a team of English speaking office staff to clearly understand our clients’ requests, and reply in a professional clear manner.  

When communicating with us, you don’t have to know Italian, or worry about difficulty communicating your transfer needs via phone or email.


Stefano’s RomeCabs has an Easy to Use and Informative Website

Stefano’s RomeCabs’ official website is rich in information, and placing your reservation online is easy and secure.  

Unlike other companies that just jot down reservations by phone or in their notes and then lose or misplace the reservations (or misunderstand the information and provide incorrect service), we don’t take risks like that with your important reservations so your online bookings are safe and secure in our system and you have actual records of your reservations so you can review for accuracy and make changes if your travel plans change unexpectedly


RomeCabs Offers Additional Services to Improve your Transfers from the Airport

Stefano’s RomeCabs also offer a special feature to our Airport Transfers: VIP TRANSFER SERVICE.



Our VIP Transfer Service was the perfect answer to high demand from clients wishing to make stops along the way from the airport to their hotel to either make some needed purchases, have a mini tour of Rome by car to orient themselves prior to their stay, or had some extra time before they were able to check into their hotel, B&B, or rental apartments, or wanted an English speaking driver guaranteed.

We offer the options of Airport Transfer with 1 hour tour by car of Rome (which our clients can use this time in Rome as they wish), and Airport Transfer with 2 Hour Tour of Rome with stops at some of Rome’s highlights to take photos.  

You can also use this time to also visit places that are best accessible by car, or to get ideas of the places they would like to return to and see again during their stay in Rome.


With RomeCabs you can turn your Fiumicino to Civitavecchia Transfer into a Pre Cruise Tour

If your Airport Transfer ends in Civitavecchia prior to your Cruise, if you have a few hours extra before being required to arrive at the cruise ship,  Stefano’s RomeCabs also offers Pre Cruise Tour and Transfer options.

Because the Roman Countryside can be reached directly from Fiumicino Airport and it is in the vicinity of Civitavecchia, it is the perfect place to spend a few hours pre cruise.  This option is best suitable for early morning flight arrivals at Fiumicino Airport (between 7 AM – 9 AM).

The most popular Pre Cruise Countryside destination is Bracciano Lake and the lovely villages that surround it.

Depending on how much time you have after your flight arrival, you can visit the lovely historic village of Bracciano that boasts the imposing Renaissance Bracciano Castle that overlooks the pristine volcanic Lake Bracciano, and have a nice lunch at a local restaurant in the Medieval Hamlet of Ceri.




Countryside Pre Cruise Tour with RomeCabs

Pre Cruise Countryside Tour with RomeCabs


Thank you very much for choosing Stefano’s RomeCabs for your Airport Transfers, Civitavecchia Port Transfers, Day Tours and Shore Excursions in Italy.


We look forward to welcome you to Italy!

The Stefano’s RomeCabs Team






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